Regenerative turbine pumps are especially good for small flow and high head applications where other pumps find it hard to cope with and therefore are widely used in various industries.

Regenerative turbine pumps have been one of the major product lines creatively designed and manufactured by NIKUNI.

One of the most important features of NIKUNI regenerative turbine pumps is having the impellers fastened to the pump shafts, which is different from other similar pumps. The precise clearance between the impeller and pump body and pump cover is the prerequisite to obtain steady flow and head to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. Strict engineering and quality control standards have been adopted in NIKUNI regenerative turbine pump manufacturing processes, assuring precision, parallelism, concentricity, and overall allowance limits of all pump parts and final assembly precision of the pump. This helps solves the problems of inevitable deteriorated performance and short life expectancy of many similar pumps with floating impellers caused by metal frictions and wears and tears in the pumps.

Characteristics of Nikuni regenerative turbine pumps

Compact size and simple structure

Maximum feeding pressure of ~17 bars available with single impeller and maximum. feeding pressure of ~30 bars available with double impellers.

Good at feeding gasified liquid, volatile liquid or liquid containing fine particles.

Multi options in mechanical seals and shaft seal protection plans (in accordance with API standard) based on the applications.

Intensive product lineup (more than 20 models) for wide range applications. Models available for industrial machines, model with 8 meter self-priming ability (UP Model), model with ultra-low NPSH adaptable to vacuum tank-suction (UO Model), model for feeding toxic substance, models for feeding and blending liquid and air (UP and SP Models), models for severe working conditions in petrochemical process applications (TN and HV Model), models for feeding flammable and explosive and easily gasified liquids (magnet-driven leak-free pump) and models for both forward and backward liquid feeding applications, etc.